Faveur Montréal - Zero-waste soapery


What if we brought back genuine soap into our daily lives? This is the mission we strive to achieve as a zero-waste soap-making business. Made with simple ingredients and biodegradable, real soap can clean everything, from head to toes, from the ceiling to the floor.

When your soap is made of ingredients from plant origin, organic when possible, it’s a step in the right direction. While we’re at it, why not eliminate all unnecessary packaging and everyone wins, today and for future generations.

Faveur Montréal - Zero-waste soapery
Faveur Montréal - Zero-waste soapery - Suzanne

Suzanne Laverdière, soap-maker and owner


Faveur Montréal was bornn on a Montreal kitchen counter. After a career in translation, I took a break to get back to basics. Learning to knit, to make jams and jellies, to quilt with used materials… For three years, I explored ancestral techniques that modern life has occulted from our lives. When I finally made my fist batch of soap, it was love at first sight. I knew right away I had found my new vocation: a zero-waste soapery.


Faveur is simply one my daughter’s names. Fear not, her common name is much more… common! When it comes to Montréal, our soapery is located in Hochelaga, in a building that brings together creatives of all kinds. How inspiring!

What about zero-waste?

Faveur put the zero-waste philosophy at the center of our creative process. We prioritize solid products that do not require packaging, selling and buying in bulk and glass packaging to ours reduce ecological as well as yours.

We make everything by hand:

  • Personal and household bar soaps
  • All-purpose and specialty liquid soap
  • Natural deodorant
  • Clean soap-based household cleaners
  • Soy wax candles
  • And many more upcoming new releases

Local purchasing and zero-waste soapery

Local organic vegetable boxes are great, but so many more things can be bought locally. We source many of our ingredients locally. We use Champy sunflower oil from Montérégie, wild and organic seaweed from Un Océan de Saveurs, in Gaspésie, chaga from érablière Escuminac, Abyssinia oil made in Canada and high quality fragrances made in the greater Montreal area.


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Faveur Montréal inc.
12-3894, rue Sainte-Catherine Est
Montréal (Québec)  H1W 2G4
(514) 543-4132

Please note that our workshop isn’t open to the public, except for picking-up online orders (Wednesdays and Thursdays, 11am to 6pm).